The White Line



Set in 1963, after the Old Location uprising which shook South West Africa, a black maid’s life is changed forever when she encounters an Afrikaner police officer on a routine passbook check. Their illicit love for each other grows over time through the letters they write to each other, and they endure many obstacles beyond their different skin colours. The White Line is an authentic Namibian story, that shows how apartheid laws were extended to the territory, prior to independence, under the South African administration.

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Though it is set in a time of apartheid (Segregation)

The story is not about hate or violence, but about the untold love stories of that era. There was love between people from these two races, that were conditioned to be separate and to hate each other. I wanted to tell a story about love, forgiveness and sacrifices in a system and a society that was set up to hate each other. I believe that this story is relevant right now when you look at what is happening in the world today. I feel like we are falling back into the past where it has become white vs black and men vs women. I want The White Line to stir up emotions in the audience to laugh with these characters, to cry with these characters, to fear with these characters and to get drawn into the story. Pursue a journey with the characters as they find love and acceptance. At the same time, I cannot tell this story without being authentic to the everyday life of individuals under the apartheid rule in 1963. I believe The White Line will have an impact and give people a chance to heal, forgive and build a better today, and show that we are not different. Namibians have not had open discussions about apartheid and the effects of it. This film for me is a dream come true and I really want to showcase Namibia’s phenomenal talent both in front and behind the camera but also show the rich history of my country and the strength of men and women both black and white who stood for the truth and fought for what they believed in. The courage of people who stepped across this invisible white line that was drawn to separate humanity emotionally, psychologically, mentally and spiritually. In love there is no reason or boundary or colour or social class.

The WhiteLine, behind the scenes